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clothes you'll never wear

a participatory art installation 
London Piccadilly

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Come to the show to see the garments of wonder
5-10 Sept 2024
4 Garden Walk


Clothes You'll Never Wear has been endorsed by the selection panel of Westminster City Council including curators from the National Gallery and Arts Council England to be part of the Voids Activation & Pop-up Project 2021. The installation occupied and activated a vacant commercial site in 2-4 Princes Arcade, Piccadilly, London SW1Y 6DS from 10th June to 16th July 2021.


“Clothes You’ll Never Wear” challenges the function of the retail space as a site of fast fashion consumption and transforms it into an immersive workshop and creative hub for making, reusing and sharing.

The artist in residence and participants used recyclable materials and waste fabric to create garments based on personal stories, memories, and perceptions of identity drawing inspiration from visual, textual, and audio resources.   

See the c a t w a l k 

“Clothes You’ll Never Wear” was about transforming waste into visual expressions of identity and engaging audiences to connect rather than consume, reuse rather than throw away, and reclaim high-street spaces as centres of creativity.

The installation positioned itself within a high-end retail business area to question aspects of consumption and cultural exclusivity. The focus was on non-commercialised, inclusive participation, creative use of waste materials and production of not-for-sale garments based on memory and storytelling. The work opened up a dialogue about alternative uses of prime London locations, such as Piccadilly Circus.

a film of Clothes You'll Never Wear by Cloud9 Media London

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